One Hemlock Styled Three Ways

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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I downloaded the hemlock pattern months ago. I whipped one up in no time using some extra interlock fabric to test out the fit. It was a definite oversized fit on my frame. I took it in by folding the center/fold line in one inch and it's just enough drape for my liking. This top is also the first garment I made using my serger, which sat unused for three months after I very hesitantly bought it. If you're also intimated by using a serger, let me just say that they're far easier to use than all their spools of thread and threading techniques would lead you to believe. I learned how to use mine by tutorials on youtube and haven't had any problems that weren't quickly resolved. 

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I made my Hemlock Tee using a hemp/organic cotton blend in a goes-with-everything gray. Additionally, I have a rule about things that enter my closet - it must be something I care pair with at least three things to create three different outfits. Obviously, gray goes well with almost anything so it was an easy choice. I do love versatility and simplicity in my clothing and the Hemlock tee really is both of those things. Can't wait to whip up more!

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Quilt Inspiration

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Making a quilt has been a goal for months. I bought fabric around a year ago and when it began coming to fruition it was nothing like I had imagined it would look. My brother told me it looked like a circus tent, ha! Not the look I was going for. So I decided on some new inspiration and a simpler design to ensure it was manageable and something I'd enjoy looking at and using for years. 

This floral quilt is perfect. I love the colors, the florals, there isn't a thing I'd change about it. If I could find a floral fabric I loved, I would definitely go for it. I haven't been able to find a floral that I think would suit a quilt though. Know of any? My choices are somewhat limited because I am on the hunt for organic cottons.

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This is actually a rug, as you can probably see. I love the detail work and thought just maybe I could use a contrast thread and and sew diamonds and zig zags, but how? That is the question. I don't want to use a marking device because I've experienced them not washing out/fading away in the past, pins won't be precise enough. Maybe tape? That just came to mind as I was typing. Now I'm really excited. Any thoughts? Will it work? I'm thinking scotch tape or masking tape.

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I like how simple and striking this quilt is. I want my quilt to have wow factor and also calming. Maybe that's a lot o ask for? I don't like overly stimulating colors in general and especially not in the bedroom. I have half a yard of this neat triangle fabric that I bought more than a year ago. I love it so much I haven't used it at all. I've even contemplated just framing it because I'm afraid to cut into it! Have you experienced this with fabrics? I wanted the perfect project and I think it would work well if I went with the above quilt concept and I might even be able to incorporate the fun stitching in quilt number two. 

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