I Joined Instagram…Finally!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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I used to view people's Instagram feeds via their blogs. Then, I realized that was both super creepy and really inefficient. So! I joined Instagram. If you'd like to follow me, you can do so by clicking HERE
I've started following a few of my favorites, but I'd love some recommendations! Share your favorites in the comments below. Thanks!!!

My Floral Senna Tote

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I had the best of intentions to blog this bag soon after I made it, but I got so busy using it and toting it to the pool that I didn't get to it. I have been trying to soak up every minute of summer with my kiddo before the fall weather arrives. I love me some fall, but man, I love summer too.

Just over a year ago, I saw the Senna tote on a few blogs and immediately pinned it. For whatever reason, I didn't buy the pattern then. I am thinking it was because I am so particular about patterns on my fabric. I'm also indecisive. And, you know, I prefer to work with organic fabrics, so many hurdles to jump that I pinned the Senna and kept my eye out the prefect fabric. 

Fast forward to earlier this summer and I finally found it - the fabric I had been dreaming of! I was actually searching for fabric for another project I hope to share in the upcoming months, but I loved it so much I couldn't wait to us it. Then, I was like, SENNA….go to pinterest…scroll, scroll, scroll, found the pattern ….purchased it immediately….  bought my fabric and notions...and sew, sew, sew. 

So I present to you my Senna. I used it to tote our summer gear to the pool and our other favorite summer activities. The design is well-thought out, which I always appreciate. It was such an enjoyable bag to sew, really. I love the pockets - one on each side of the bag and two inside the bag. I do wish I had used the magnetic snaps on the inside pockets too, though. Being that I like organic fabrics, I never use interfacing. Naturally, when making a bag, especially a larger bag like Senna, this will result in some difference in structure, which I haven't found to be problematic, but the pockets on the inside tend to flop open a bit and I attribute this to my refrain from using interfacing, not any design flaws.

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think this bag would also be great as a weekend or overnight bag. A great bag to use while traveling by plane or by car. It would also be a nice diaper bag, according to a friend of mine, though I haven't used it as such since my kiddo is a few years potty trained now. Really, a very versatile bag. If you haven't made one already, now is the time!