In other news: I made a hat and mittens!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

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It's been a goal of mine to write my own pattern for a hat, but in the mean time, I whipped up this Jul hat. Isn't it so pretty? I love the pattern and the extra special purl stitches throughout the pattern. The yarn I used has flecks of lavender and a light blue throughout, but it doesn't show well in the photos. It's also incredibly soft wool. I have found that organic wool is superior in softness to conventional wool. I cannot tolerate conventional wool, but organic wool…I'm hooked! 

I also whipped up a pair of Cozy Purl Ridge mittens to match. The pattern is equally well-written and easy to follow. I skipped the ridge portion of the pattern, but next time I make them I might  add some contrast stripes or something. I've been wearing both pieces often. 

P.S. You can see all my notes about the patterns on Ravelry, if you like. :) 

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